The Effects of Social Class on Childhood Issues

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I believe that social class will have an effect on childhood. The reason is that our social class makes and influences everyday life. For example, those who are children of low-class parents will not have opportunity to explore many different life events because of money issues. On the other hand, children of middle class families will have little bit of better situation because their parent or parents can afford a more decent living. I believe most middle-class parent or parents have a high education than low-class parent or parents, therefore, they will expect their children to have same or even higher education. I am sure that low-class parents wish the same way to happen to their children but they do not have enough money to do so. Aside from that, the emotional and physical development of children who belong to the lower-class and those of the upper-class is not the same. Children who grew up in poor families are usually emotionally-unstable and malnourished compared to children who grew up in middle-class families. Those children who belong to middle-class families can be provided fully of emotional care and attention as well as the right kind and amount of foods, while those who belong to poor families can hardly accept all these necessities of life. Thus, middle-class homes have advantage over the lower-class homes.

Moreover, I grew up outside of the US, so I am not sure this will be relevant comparison. However, when I was younger I did not know many differences between low and middle-class homes. It seems they were all the same including my home. However, when I was a high school student, I need to get a job instead of going to college due to the fact that I have a young sister and my parents do not have enough money to support me to college. Back then, I did not care so much about that situation but at this time, it makes me think that what if I went to college before then my life would be different and I may not be here in the United States today.


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