How to cook like a Chef.The basics of great cooking.

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There are basic styles of cooking food, that include putting food to the fire.

Frying. When yo do this you add oil,fat,or butter of your preference and place the items you want to fry on a pan or skillet and you graduate the flame to give the desired type of cooking. Avoid a high flame because it will mostly burn the exterior of whatever you might be cooking and leave the inner part raw or uncooked;so your first practices in cooking will train you in how to administer the size of the fire,and the amount of time each ingredient requires,meaning you mainly aim not to overcook or undercook anything,because this is the gist of most meals you prepare;a combination of the size of the fire,and the amount of cooking time allowed.

Wether it’s oil,bacon,lard,or butter;you may be using to fry anything,such as chicken ,meat,fish,or vegetables,it is wise to begin this process by including garlic,onion and spices;and after approximately five to seven minutes in either low or medium fire,and then add your choice of food.Turn it over after the first set of minutes, and let it cook on the other side to the doneness you prefer.When you are learning, every so often,remove a small piece from the pan and taste it,this will train you into reaching the desired degree.

Once you get skilled at frying you can do some saucing in your concoction by adding fruit juices and a squirt of wine or beer and let it simmer until you reach the desired thickness and taste.When you are in the testing stage use small amounts and add them gradually until it gets the exact flavor you like.As a beginner cook watch your process like a hawk,and focus to avoid burning or overcooking.When adding spices or flavorings ,the basic rule of less is more,applies in cooking as well as in any other art form. 

Baking.This is clearly the most advanced and sophisticated way to prepare great dishes,and easier than frying;since it basically entails putting all your combination choices into a pan and let the oven do all the work.When baking,the standard is usually,lower degrees plus more time,or higher degrees plus less time.Same as with frying,stay on top of your dish,keep checking for doneness.If you are not creative ,follow a recipe.

Boiling.Also quite easy,make your mix and let it boil,but wise up to the fact that part of great cooking is adding each ingredient at it’s precise moment,so each item is got the just so degree of rare,medium ,or done you choose.The same principles apply to steaming.

Remember that it is advisable to combine foods that have been cooked in diverse ways;for instance ;chicken in a wine,garlic,onion and pepper sauce with a side of steamed vegetables.

Try to always include salads in your meals ,where you combine vegetables,cheeses,fruits,vinegars,oil and spices to your own liking.


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