How to Set up a Keyboard in a Different Language – Vista

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Step 1

Go to the start menu (the flag on blue in the bottom left corner of your screen, on the task bar), and open the control panel.

Step 2

Click on “Classic View”, underneath “Control Panel Home”.

Step 3

Double-click “Regional and Language Options”. (The control panel is in alphabetical order, so “Regional and Language Options will be towards the bottom of the screen.”)

Step 4

Choose the “Keyboards and Languages” tab, the third one over.

Step 5

Choose the “Change Keyboards” button.

Step 6

Click “Add”, on the right. At the moment, the screen probably shows only English; this is where you will soon see the other language – or even languages – appear, once you have set up your keyboard.

Step 7

Now you can scroll through the list and find the language that you would like to set up on your keyboard. Keep clicking until you get to the check boxes, and check off an option. Do this for as many languages as you would like to set up currently on your task bar for your keyboard.

Step 8

Next you’ll have to turn on the language bar. Go to the “Language Bar” tab and select “Docked in the Task Bar”. Now your default keyboard language will be English, but in the sidebar, you can change the language with a click.

Step 9

Click “Okay”, and you can now close all of the Control Panel windows.

Step 10

To access the languages, go to the task bar at the bottom of the screen. You should see an “EN”; click on that.


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