Grease Monkey Wipes Review

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Many enjoy bicycle riding as a hobby. Sometimes riding a bicycle can get the bicyclist pretty dirty.  I know when, I take my bicycle out, I often end up getting dirty legs from the bicycle chain.  Bicycle grease can be very hard to get off.  I decided to purchase Grease Monkey Wipes to take along with me on my bicycle rides.  I purchased a package of six Grease Monkey Wipes for less than six dollars at my local bicycle shop. After trying this product this is what I found out.

Grease Monkey Wipes, which is a division of Kong Concepts LLC, was created by fellow cyclists. The wipes are made from a natural citrus degreaser.  Each wipe is individually packaged for easy carrying. The wipes can be used for many different cleaning purposes including bike grease, car oil, ink, grease, and just about any hard to clean spill.  For more information on Grease Monkey Wipes you can visit

I was anxious to try one of these wipes when I got home.  I went over to my bicycle and rubbed my fingers over the chain. This of course covered my fingers in bicycle grease.  I than took a wipe out of the package and started wiping away the grease off my fingers.  The grease almost magically disappeared from my fingers.  This was great news for me since; I am always getting grease marks on my legs from bicycle riding. After having so much success I decided to try my Grease Monkey Wipes on another messy situation.  My stove top really needed a good cleaning so, I proceeded to use my Grease Monkey Wipes to clean off the tuff food residue.  To my surprise this little wipe worked like a charm.  I decided not to use anymore of my wipes and save them for when I take the bicycle out.  To sum it all up, I will be using this product again in the future.  I figure, I can use them for any hard to clean up spill and other messy disasters.  Next time I head over to the bicycle store I think I will purchase the larger package of twelve which sells for less than twelve dollars.  If you don’t have a bicycle shop near you these nifty wipes can be purchased online.  I highly recommend these wipes to anyone who comes in contact with grease or other staining material.



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