World’s Most Famous YouTube Videos

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YouTube has certainly had its share of famous videos over the years. From professional music videos to amateur comedy skits (and everything in between), people are always on the lookout for the next big hit.

Not all videos are created equal however. Some become truly famous and get tens, if not hundreds of millions of views while others rise only to a certain level of notoriety before being largely forgotten by our collective consciousness.

This list then, seeks to overlook the mediocre and to chronicle only the most famous videos that YouTube has to offer.

Charlie bit my finger!

Who hasn’t done an impersonation of Charlie’s older brother at some point? And who hasn’t thought, when no one present laughed, that it “…really hurt!”?

Baby Charlie biting his brother’s finger and laughing about it after his brother complains, is adorable, funny and unforgettable.

The Laughing Baby (aka – Hahaha)

A baby laughs hysterically while his father makes funny noises. Pure joy.

The Sneezing Panda

Yet another baby. This one is of the panda variety however. Watch as it sneezes and scares the living daylights out of its mother.

Battle at Kruger

While on safari, an amateur videographer captured what is described as a battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles. Need I say more?

Christian the Lion

In keeping with the African wildlife theme, here is a video that touched the hearts of many people around the world when it first went viral.

A heartwarming story of love and reunion.

The Wedding Dance (aka – JK Wedding Entrance Dance)

Who says you have to walk stiffly and solemnly up the aisle?

Dramatic Chipmunk

Like the video description says, best 5 second clip on the internet! That is one intense chipmunk.

Numa Numa

Gary Brolsma (The Numa Numa Guy) became an overnight sensation when he recording himself lip-syncing an O-Zone song and then released it onto the internet.

When one thinks of internet celebrities, Brolsma most certainly comes to mind. As a testament to this status, he has appeared in both a Weezer and a Barenaked Ladies video.

Star Wars Kid

Arguably even more “famous” than The Numa Numa Guy, The Star Wars Kid battled his way into internet pop culture by giving us a demonstration of his lightsaber wielding abilities.

His unfortunate video has been spoofed numerous time on YouTube itself as well as by various television shows, such as American Dad and Arrested Development.

Evolution of Dance

Jud Laipply gives us an entertaining demonstration of various forms of popular dance.

Charlie the Unicorn

The first in a series of comedic animations in which Charlie meets with unfortunate circumstances.

This list is not certainly not conclusive, as there are many famous YouTube videos out there. It does however boast some of the most famous.

Happy viewing.


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