Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals And The Effect on The Human Body.

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10. Scorpion or scorpion: It belongs to the arthropods, typical of warm countries, his weapon is a poisonous sting in the tail end. The size varies from 6 to 15 cm. The bite can cause high fever and sometimes comatose states, may be fatal. Water scorpion is an insect inhabitant in still water, carnivorous, feeding on other insects.

9. Brown recluse spider: The spider is more dangerous to humans, after the black widow. Is one in the back has a violin shaped. It lives in forgotten places, particularly in the United States. Its bite kills skin cells, which can result in amputation of the affected area.

8. Black widow spider: The spider is more dangerous to humans because their fangs if passes through human skin. Their venom is as potent as the equivalent of 15 rattlesnakes. It is so named because the female eats her own partner. Normally live in dark places and forgotten. It is characteristic that in the abdomen has an hourglass shaped red color is black. It is found in temperate climates. The female is dangerous to humans, the male is not.

7. Banana Spider: The spider with the most potent venom of any spider. It is very dangerous to humans because their fangs rarely passes through the skin. Bástagos lives in South America. It is mottled brown, has a size of approximately 5 centimeters.

6. Blue-ringed octopus: It is the most venomous cephalopod Earth. Their bite introduces poisonous saliva into the wound of the victim. The saliva contains a poison that can cause respiratory paralysis. If untreated, death can occur during the next hour and a half.

5. Arrowhead frog: amphibian is the most poisonous of all the Earth. This frog exudes its poison is so powerful it can kill with all their venom, and 1500 people. It’s called “arrowhead frog” because Native wet the tip of an arrow with his poison when hunting to kill the animal quickly. It is also called Golden Dart Frog.

4. Taipan Snake: It is very dangerous, in fact the most dangerous animal on land. This snake inhabits the west-central Australia. A drop of deadly poison can kill 12 adults. The effects of the venom on the body in the form of headaches, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Side effects are: muscle tissue and breaks the victim red urine due to the passing of muscle tissue, the venom contains an anticoagulant that does not stop the bleeding, which can cause bleeding.

3. Stonefish: This is the most poisonous fish on earth. It has spikes on the dorsal fin, each spike with a poison gland. Their appearance can be very dangerous rock, as the bather is in danger of stepping on and poison. It has an extremely dangerous poison, and usually the victim can not survive. If it survives, the wound takes several months to heal.

2. Sea snake: This animal also has a very lethal poison. It is the most poisonous snake in the world. It injects its venom by biting their victim. Can be found in any sea on earth.

1. The sea wasp: This is the animal with the most deadly poison of the earth. Consists of sixty tentacles that inject a poison so powerful it can kill an adult human with only 1.4 milligrams of its venom. This animal is found in the seas of Australia.

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