A review of ‘The Simpsons Movie’.

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‘The Simpsons Movie’ is an animated movie ( rated PG-13) based on the extremely popular TV series ‘The Simpsons’ which follows the life of an American family (the Simpsons), who live in the town of Springfield.

Disturbed by the very high levels of pollution in the Springfield Lake, environmentally conscious Lisa Simpson exhorts the townspeople to action. After a lot of hard work they manage to clean up the lake but their efforts are nullified by Lisa’s father Homer Simpson who deposits into the lake, a silo containing the excreta of his newly adopted pig. The environmental authorities promptly install a huge glass dome over the town. The combined wrath of the townspeople falls on Homer who manages to escape with his family and sets out to seek greener pastures in Alaska. Although, the Alaskan sojourn starts out well for the Simpsons, Homer is soon forced to confront his inner self and achieve an epiphany in order to save his beloved town from utter destruction.

Filled with the kind of humour one associates with ‘The Simpsons’, this movie is peppered with some excellent situational comedy as well as some witty memorable one-liners. Special mention needs to be made of the bond between Homer and his pet pig and the hilarious song titled ‘Spider-Pig’. There are of course the oblique and not-so-oblique references to some important and pertinent issues along with references to various elements of pop culture. However, a regular viewer of The Simpsons might be a trifle disappointed with some aspects of the movie but it will probably be due to extraordinarily high expectations rather than anything else. ‘The Simpsons Movie’ is an adventure that absorbs the viewer taking him/her into a crazy journey. It manages to challenge one’s credulity in almost every frame but that is simply a part of its charm. It not only engages the viewer with humour and satire but also ensures that he/she has something to think about after the movie has ended.

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