What to do After High School

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 Where do I start when I’m done with high school?  You want to make a plan for your future so that you can afford to have what ever you want in life.  First off, if you think college is for you then you’ll have to get a part time job if your parents can’t afford it. Meaning you pay for your own classes, your own books, and your own gas if you have a car.  Or you can get a pale grant.  In order to get a pale grant one must go up to the college they want to attend and ask for the grant application.  Fill it out within the deadline time.  Bring it back to the collage and give it to them.  They will contact you back or have you come back on a particular day.

If you don’t think college is for you.  Then a good first start is to find out where your local work force center is.  Let them know your trying to find a job.  And they will be able to help you start looking online for your new job.  If you get the option to choose from a list of careers don’t jump on the first job you come across.  Evaluate all of your options first.  Because if you can get it you want a job your going to like doing and it also pays you an alright income.  And you might even get a better job then you would at a low paying job like Burger King.

 I would tell you the things not to do after high school but I’m not. If you would like to visit my profile and leave a comment you can.   I will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning this article.

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