What’s it like working with Will Smith

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What it’s like working with Will Smith? I used to be in the film industry and I worked with him one time. I really enjoy seeing him in person. He was hilarious and cute too. He looks like his on screen image. He was tall, goofy face, funny, in shape and nice. He was really nice but one thing that I remember the most was how funny he was. He was joking around and throwing so many fresh prince jokes at us. He had no problem entertaining us with his Spanish jokes like “esta bien.”

I especially enjoy this piece the most, “esta bien.” He said it and then twists his head and then smile. It was hilarious. He’s a funny guy. He was very sociable with the crew and he was friendly to other actors. He was not rude in any way. I know that he’s the biggest star in the world but he’s not rude. He’s a man of God also. He and his wife donated a lot of money to churches. I think that he follows scientology but that’s his business. We won’t get into that.

He’s hard working and he’s a great actor. He did really well in a couple of show like Fresh Prince or MIB. He’s also a great rapper. I like his music. Will smith is hilarious and I think that he’s good in funny films. He’s better for a funny film than a series film. I think that he will continue to be a great star. He did mention going through some difficulties becoming a star but he’s now Will Smith.


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