Quotes: How Words of Wisdom can inspire you

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Some quotes come easy to me, as I have memorized them and they have stuck with me like a tried and true friend seeing me through some turbulent waters or giving me direction when I am confused on which path to choose. Here are the reasons I gravitate to a quote and can receive tons of inspiration: 

Someone else on this planet has felt the same thing you are feeling or have felt: it could be joy, suffering, strength, elation, failure or success, broken hearted, love, hate, the list goes on and on 

Quotes can reminds of us to keep a balanced perspective: When your emotions are running high or low, we all need to be reminded of getting back to a balanced outlook so we are not wasting our resources 

Wisdom from the ages: some quotes can be from a highly educated or highly esteemed individual who has their perspective from a particular order of study or intellect

Strength of character and reputation: if someone has gone before you and have taken the high road when you are tempted to cut corners or just get by, these quotes remind you not to part take in bad behavior 

Short and to the point: No matter where you are at in life, there are times when you don’t want to know how the clock was made, you just want to know what time it is. Quotes are usually short and to the point 

We all need reminders: Quotes are good because you can memorize them verbatim or sometimes you will hear someone’s “variation” of a quote they have heard, either way, we keep them with us throughout the day 

Some quotes make you sound smarter than you really are: because you understand what context Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein has quoted an idea or event or action, people can pick up on the fact that “great minds think alike” 

Affirmations: most of the positive affirmations that are taped to everyone’s mirrors or in their cars or on their computers are a quote from someone who has been there, done that and is proof you can do it too 

Understanding: sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on how we are thinking, or what our question is, or what action we should take and all it takes is a well placed quote at the right time, to get us back on our way 

It is wonderful to have such a small remark or sentence have so much impact and good will. But like other things in life, sometimes it is the smallest and simplest that never ceases to amaze and inspire.


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