How to use blinds to increase a child’s safety at home

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When you decide to use  Roman blinds, vertical blinds or any other type of blind in your home, you may want to use these tips in order to keep things safer.

Do you know that a predator can spot a child’s room by seeing the boy or girl or child themed curtains or drapes? They can indeed. In this time and day, we cannot ever be too careful with taking precautions to keep our children safer. Consider using blinds to block out the view of your children’s curtains or drapes from outside views. It is really not important which blinds that you choose to use. Use the blinds to create a new safety feature for your home by blocking out all unwanted attention from outside. If you cannot afford blinds, you may want to consider using window shades or to use neutral curtains and drapes instead.

Hanging instructions for blinds will usually come with the blinds that you buy and any hardware that is required is usually included also with the blinds. You will need to use a screwdriver and a stool to reach the higher part of the window where you will install the hardware for the blinds. Follow the instructions that came with the blinds. Blinds do come in many colors, shapes and sizes so be sure to measure your window before purchasing them. Pricing on blinds will vary from very cheap to very expensive depending on the quality of the blinds that you choose.

Once you have installed your new blinds, cut the cords up to a length where young children cannot get to them. This is so important and must be done. There have been many little children strangled by the blind cords by getting them entangled around their necks. If you do not plan to cut off the cords, please do not purchase blinds for your children’s home.


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