Darksiders boss Walkthrough Guide 6- Straga.

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You’ve come a long way, freed Azrael, and now you need to face off against Straga again. As always, this boss battle takes place in a number of stages, read this guide carefully and you should be able to make it through them all.

  1. Straga begins with only one basic attack- an attempt to hit you with his club three times. These are easy to dodge by moving left or right and dashing. The skills you learned fighting Silitha will be useful here! To damage Straga, use the void walker to place one charged portal on his club, and another on the ground. When the boss lifts the club behind his head, use the portal to get behind him. Walk up to the red eye and press action- this is the boss weakspot.
  2. Attack Straga directly while he is stunned (Don’t you think he looks like a Warhammer Ork?)
  3. Straga will summon some enemies to engage you. Fight back, but don’t finish them off! The reason for this is that Straga will still sometimes try to attack you directly with his fist. If you are in the middle of a finishing move when he does, then the boss can’t harm you, even if he hits! It’s cheap, but if you found this easy, you wouldn’t be looking for a walkthrough!
  4. Straga will now develop a new attack. This is signalled when he hits the roof with his club twice. He will sweep the entire arena with his club. You cannot dodge this, as the club is too huge… unless you use the portals. Have both portals on the two elements on the ground, and dodge into one before the club hits you. You should pop up behind the path of Straga’s attack. This is a little but fiddly, but it is the only you way.
  5. While doing all this, you still need to kill Straga! It’s the same drill as before, one portal on the ground, one on his club, jump through just before he swings for his triple attack (parts one and two if you forgot already).
  6. Same as before, Straga will summon some enemies to assist him (Like so many other bosses), deal with them, use the cheap invincible finishing move cheat if you like.
  7. Keep repeating the drill. Stab weak spot, attack face,kill enemies, evade until you can attack the weak spot… Like most boss battles, this is all about mastering through repetition and spotting the openings. This walkthrough can tell you what you need to do, but if you can’t manage this , then you need more practise.
  8. After you down Straga and attack him three times, the boss battle should be over.
  9. All in all, this is not a hard fight so long as you can be quick with the portal. If Straga keeps hitting you, try upping your camera sensitivity.

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