Lose weight without expensive diet foods

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First step is to take a trip to your local grocery or produce store and stock up on as many low calorie green vegetables that you can find available. If you find other vegetables that are not green, you can add them to your diet also but only if they are low calorie food items.

When you find yourself hungry in between meals or at mealtimes, eat the green vegetables first and eat as many of them as you can enjoy. These green low calorie vegetables will act as fillers for your stomach and will make your stomach feel full much faster than usual if you will eat them first. Any low calorie vegetables will work this way. Just be sure that they are low calorie ones.  Anytime that you feel yourself getting hungry, try eating some of these vegetables and do this at any time of the day regardless of whether it is not mealtime or not. Never allow yourself to get hungry. That is a well known secret to successful diet plans that actually work. You will find that you will desire to eat much less of the higher calorie foods that you may have included on your weight loss diet plan.

Remember to drink lots and lots of water and to drink it all during the day. Drink the water with meals, before meals and anytime that you start to feel hungry in the slightest amount. Water is another filler for your stomach and it will also flush out the fat in your body, speed up the metabolism, and will cause your body to turn loose of excess water that it is holding in reserve.

You may need to eat more often than you are accustomed to doing but do this in order to avoid getting hungry. Getting hungry may cause you to grab food that is not on your weight loss plan and to eat it. Remember that by eating less food while on a diet will cause your stomach to get empty much sooner than usual. Do not allow your stomach to get empty. Keep eating green vegetables and drinking water to keep those hunger pains away.

Try adding tuna, thin sliced or shaved deli meat items, or any other low calorie meats to your meals to stretch out your vegetables and to make great meals. Add those meats to your salads and use them as a complete meal.

Good luck on your healthy weight loss adventure. I hope these tips will be of help to you!


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