Tips on beating depression when unemployed

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When you get out of bed in the morning, the first thing that you will need to make sure that you do is to get dressed. Get dressed completely and put those shoes on. Wearing shoes just seems to make a person feel like they are completely ready to face a new day. Put on some brightly colored clothing and you will notice a difference in how that you feel. Brighter colors have a way of making us feel better at times.  It is hard to be depressed when you are wearing red for example! Chose some nice outfit to wear today. It does not matter if you are not going anywhere, it is ok to wear it!

Wash your face, apply your makeup if you are a female, and brush or comb that hair! If you are a male, get out the bottle of special aftershave and apply it. If you are a female, put on the cologne or perfume. Impress YOURSELF just for today!

Brighten your world by turning on the lights! Lighting can really make a difference in a person’s mood and this is so easy to do just by flicking a switch. Turn on some of your favorite music and leave that television turned off for awhile. Don’t you get tired of listening to those talking heads on tv sometimes? Most of their subjects are depressing anyway and you do not need to listen to that today! Give yourself a break!

Eat a nice and balanced breakfast meal to start your day. Later on in the day, give yourself a taste of chocolate which is a proven mood lifting food item! Do not overdo on the sugary items though because a sugar crash can cause depression by itself! Sip on some tea or coffee to help elevate your mood.

Spend some time looking for a new job if you are unemployed. You can do this online and not even have to leave your house. Check on craigslist, monster jobs, find your local employment office and see if it is online. Post some ads of your own around online sites that allow free postings and offer your services. Expand a bit and offer more than one service. Can you teach someone a craft, how to play a musical instrument or can you sit for their children, their elderly or for their pets? Think outside of the box to help find a job and get you out of your depression! While you are writing your ads, take time to look at other services that people are offering. Those may give you ideas of some services that you can offer also.

Never give up! Keep your sense of humor and take a break when you are tired. Think positive and try not to spend too much time worrying. Worrying only causes wrinkles! Take a stroll outdoors and say hello to your neighbors. They may be in the same situation as you and would love your company! Good luck!


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