Lose Weight Naturally Drinking Tea

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To Lose Weight Naturally by Drinking Tea is nothing new. The orient has held secrets to living healthy lifestyles for centuries. In fact the secrets to eat healthy and living healthy lifestyles have been revealed in the bible from the beginning. According to God’s Word we were given every seed bearing plant and every tree bearing fruit with seeds for food. Read Genesis 1:29.  In Essence we were given fresh fruit, raw vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, grains and beans as the perfect food. Hence Tea is only second to water as the natural healthy drink given us by God.

What is Tea? It is herbs and plants given to us by God as a perfect food. It is these perfect foods that help restore us to better health and help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when we focus on eating and drinking right.

There are many companies that focus on offering Teas as the natural drink for health. There are many types of Tea but I will focus on three general Teas as we review this product.  Oolong Tea, Pu’er Tea, and Green Tea are the Teas that make up my personal Healthy Weight Loss System. Each Tea has its own benefits to help you be energized, digest your foods, help your body’s immune system which in turn allows us to heal ourselves.

Personally, I drink each Tea daily and they have been an important part of my diet allowing me to lose 17 pounds in 45 days through Thanksgiving, The Death of my Father, Christmas and New Years. During that time I never denied myself the pleasures of the abundant food which are our usual customary during these times.


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