Ball Lightning

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What is Ball Lightning?
Ball lightning is something that I have only heard of recently, but I will be watching for it the next time a storm rolls through. Be sure to check out the video link posted below.

What does it look like?
It is indeed lightning, but it looks different from the flashes that we are familiar with. These are spherical in nature and can vary in size from tiny (the size of a pea) to quite large. It also lasts longer than the split second flash that we have all seen on numerous occasions.

What do we know about Ball Lightening?
Not a whole lot unfortunately, due to the infrequency and unpredictability! It is thought however that the first siting can be traced back to the 1600s when a ball of “fire” entered a church and destroyed everything in its path.

Where do you need to be to see this sort of lightening? Actually, not enough is known about the topic to provide you with accurate details, but they do know that most ball lightening takes place after a lightening strike and can appear ANYWHERE. They have also been seen bursting out of clouds.

Odd Facts
It moves slowly, can change directions and has been known to hover a few feet off the ground.
It can apparently move through windows, which leads one to reconsider the idea of watching a storm from the safety of your house.

Where do you need to be to see this sort of lightening? It usually takes place after a lightening strike and the balls of light can be various colors as well as sizes. Scientists are still studying the phenomenon to learn more but it is noteably a slow process.

In 1987, a ball of lightening was actually captured on film. It is an amazing shot!

It has often been thought to be a UFO which is quite understandable. Here is a story out of England!

Another story in Connecticut  tells of one interesting account began with a flash of lightening which then broke up into a dozen and a half small globes of light.

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