Eye Shadow Tricks That Actually Work

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1.    Experiment with your brushes. Each brush might tell you what it was designed to do, but no one is watching if you use on of them to apply your shadow. It’s your little secret unless you decide to share. 😉

2. To see just how the colors can change, apply them first dry and then apply them wet. I even find that they have longer lasting power if you apply them with a wet brush.

3. Spend about twice the amount of time you usually do blending. If you watch a video on makeup application, the makeup artists spend quite a long time blending until the colors seem to melt right into the skin.

4. If your shadow has a habit of dissolving into an oily puddle, use a primer. I have no idea how it works, but if it can control the oil slick on my lids, it can work for anyone.

5. Your eye shadow doesn’t only have to be used on your lids. You might want to apply your liner and then soften it with a layer of shadow drawn on top. It also helps to set the liner, especially if you are using a pencil.

6. Just thought of something else… if you have just finished applying a powder shadow, I read somewhere that you should take your fingertips and gently apply them to the lids. It seems to soften and distribute the color. I’ve been doing this for years.

7. A lot of us are drawn to the same color of shadow over and over again. It might be interesting to see what would happen if you picked a really unusual color that you have thought about in the past, but never quite took the step to see what it would look like. Here’s something you might want to check out… Sephora always seems to have these kits with a ton of colors. Here’s your chance to play. In the privacy of your own bathroom, try some of those really “off the wall” colors and see what you think. If you don’t like it, you can always wash it off. No harm done.

8. Question… So what else can shadow do??
Answer: It can change the shape of your eye. Smudge a little smoky color into the crease area and see what happens!

9. Those brown shades… if you have brown eyes like I do, you probably gravitate towards the browns and some of them are going to look amazing. But some of them are simply going to look dirty… You are going to have to go back to that kit of colors and try every single one of the brown shades on until you find a few that are YOUR COLORS!!  

10. With New Year’s Eve looming, head to the bathroom and start playing with your makeup. Did I ever tell you that New Year’s Eve is magical. That is the night when I met my husband.


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