Keeping your family together

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Difficulty: 1

Things you will need: A pen, a notebook, money

Step 1: Develop similar value systems The Bible asks: Is it possible for two people to walk together unless they agree? For any family to stand up to the tough times and remain united and peaceful requires that the couples in the marriage have shared values.

Step 2: Be ready to reconcile When you reach a point and you feel that the relationship between the two parties is going down the hill, make will go down the hill. It therefore requires that the family members strive to come together every time there is a problem in there lives.

Step 3: Spare time for one another The current world has got so many demands and requires us to spend a lot of time looking for money. However, it is important that every person who wants to build a strong family commits himself or herself to giving time to members of his or her family if the family is to be successful.

Step 4: Listen to one another. Apart from the fact that you need to spend some time together, it is also important that the time you spend together is quality time. Use this time to listen to one another and know what is going on in the lives of family members.

Step 5: Cultivate trust within the family Lack of trust in our families is one of the reasons why many families end breaking up. To ensure that the family bonds are tight, it is necessary to create trust early on in the relationship and to ensure that parties in the families do not treat each other with suspicion. Obviously, families in which different members treat each other with suspicion do not last for long.

Step 6: Always respect one another Another thing that you need to keep in mind if you aim to make your family stick together, is to ensure that each of the family members treat one another with respect. Families in which the spouses treat each other with respect are families that see children growing up treating each other with respect.

Step 7: Avoid disagree before the children Always ensure that disagreements between parents are handled away from the children. If the children see that their parents are always fighting, they will start fighting among themselves and they may end up not having any respect for the parents.

Step 8: Have rituals that are unique to the family Developing unique rituals for your family will go a long way in creating family unity because good family rituals encourage the children in your family to be extremely proud of who they are and of their families. Many children who have had good family rituals end up desiring to have the same rituals for their own families once they grow up. A good family ritual can be like eating out say every second Friday of the month.

Tips * To help create family unity, always ensure that conflict between parents is always solved away from the children. This will help prevent putting the children in an awkward position.

Warning * To ensure that your children avoid resenting one another, avoid showing favoritism to one child over the other.


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