What Is Sexy to a Woman

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You might be handsome, you might be buff with a pretty face and nice arms, but are you sexy? Maybe, maybe not. Physically attractive is a good start, don’t get me wrong, but it is certainly not everything, and one can be very sexy without being beautiful, guy or gal.

What do women find sexy, besides the physical? Ever wondered why that short, balding guy in glasses is with the hot blond twelve years his junior? Money? Oh, that’s possible, but probably not, unless he has LOTS of money, and every guy with questionable looks and a hot girlfriend is not a billionaire. So what are the things that got him the girl?

Confidence. I can’t express how sexy it is. Guys think that girls like the ones who treat them bad, not the “nice” guys. Truth is, those guys have confidence bordering on arrogance, sometimes going right over that edge. Women find that incredibly sexy, even when they know that guy is bad for them. When a guy knows what he wants and knows he can get it, it overshadows a whole lot of disreputable behavior on their part. You don’t have to be a jerk to be confident, though. Nice and confident are not mutually exclusive and can serve you well.

A Sense of Humor. Yes, it’s true. Women love a guy who can make them laugh. Drew Carey is a great example, money aside. I guarantee that he got laid before he hit it big and that is not a pretty man. Everyone loves to laugh. Laughter makes us feel good, so does sex, and the two go great together.

Respect. I’m not talking about putting a girl on a pedestal, though that might get you somewhere with some girls. Respect means that the guy in the equation actually cares what the girl in the equation is thinking and cares about what she wants. Listening, being thoughtful-those things are important. A girl likes confidence, but arrogance is boring in the extreme. You can be sensitive and masculine all at the same time! Trust me, girls love that. Be sensitive to a woman’s needs in bed, out of bed-whatever. You will have her hooked.

Any of the those three things are sexy in a guy. If you can manage all three-yummy.


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