Moving Your New Year's Eve Party Into January

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As I mentioned in a previous article, there are going to be years when circumstances simply prevent you from enjoying the big night?? So what do you do? Do you wait for next year or is there an alternative??

This happened to me on one occasion. The flu hit and all we could think about was hitting the sack after a couple of aspirin and a cup of tea. Kind of a disappointing way to ring in the new year, but I don’t think we could have stood the noise.  So… the minute the flu was behind us, we decided to have a party!  January is a pretty quiet month so we picked a  Saturday night and invited what turned out to be a ton of friends and had the party that no one would forget. Here’s how we did it.

Make up your guest list and start planning. Will you want friends and neighbors of varying ages or are you going to be a bit more specific. Each age group will require planning.

You have chosen your night  and then pull out all the stops with…

Festive wine glasses complete with wine charms… it seems that department stores think that the partying is over. That means great deals for you!

Glittery centerpieces… at this party there is no holding back. These too can be picked up for fraction of the cost that you would be paying even a month ago!

Napkins… yes, they are on sale too!

Drinks… okay, they won’t be on sale but this is one area that you will want to monitor anyway. Consider your plans for the evening. Hot chocolate might be the main beverage of the night with maybe a nightcap to top off the evening!

Tonight is all about ringing in the new year… okay a month after the fact, but there is no reason why you can’t pick the night!!

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