Things I wish I’d know when I started playing Zoo World

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Tip 1:  Buy managers early.

As you continue to play zoo world, and move up the levels, staff become outrageously expensive.  My friend who just started playing can get managers for about half of his daily profit, about $8k. I’m at level 22, and mine cost over $116,000!  That’s more than twice my daily profit.

If you love the game and know you want to move up levels, buy those staff early when they are cheap.

Tip 2:  Never buy an animal you can get for free.

Team up with a friend or family member.  I get different free animals than my husband does.  Instead of purchasing animals that can cost upwards of $250,000, I have him send them to me for free.  Likewise, when he needed five reptiles, I sent him three free rattlesnakes and two free tortoises.

Tip 3:  Use your free gifts!

You can send up to 20 gifts a day.  Team up with a friend, child, spouse who also plays and send each other trees.  Even better, my husband lets me play zoo on his account because he doesn’t like it.  I just send animals and trees freely from one account to another.  This is a great way to quickly increase your cash on hand so that you can purchase animals that are not available as gifts.

Tip 4:  Buy at least 2 of every animal.

They get more expensive when you move up and you will need multiples to move up.

Tip 5:  Breed and train animals as soon as you can.

These are boring tasks that take a long time, so get it over with early while they are still relatively cheap so you won’t get stuck at a high level waiting for days to breed and train.


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