Hand-Me-Downs: Clothing for Children

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How many of you remember getting hand-me-down clothing from a sibling or cousin? It’s a practice that has come back into fashion to keep costs down and land fills unfilled.

In today’s economy it is sometimes hard to make a dollar stretch for your families food budget, let alone your clothing budget. Borrow an old idea and start a hand-me-down circle for your small children.

I say small children, because you can seldom get ten year olds into something that someone they know might have worn, but it could certainly work with the right kid and circumstance.

Here is an example of how it works: You have a small boy child, say three years old. A co-worker has an older boy child, of say four or five, who might have older brothers. You have a cousin who has a two year old boy. The co-worker with the older child brings in clothing that they don’t want to bother putting onto a garage sale, or taking to Good Will or other thrift stores, and offers it up for grabs. You take what will soon fit your child, and pass on your little darlings too small clothing to your cousin’s little darling. The first person gets things out of the house without throwing them away, you get the same and new stuff for your little guy, and so on.

How to get started: It is a little awkward to walk up to someone you casually know at work and suggest they unload there stuff onto you and yours, so try a note on a message board. It could read: Clothing swap for youngsters! Bring in your clothes ages two to seven and unload the old for some new! (Time and place added on.) You might also have some closer friends with children, who might want to swap out some clothes, or relatives. Don’t be afraid to ask if someone wants some of the stuff your little one has outgrown. Most parents, especially new ones, are a little alarmed at how quickly their baby grows out of their clothes and are happy to have some gently used ones as replacements (for a month or two at least). Make it a festive occasion, bring the kids and have a good swap!

With just a little bit of effort and community feeling we can all make this a better place for ourselves and our children!


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