Darksiders Boss Walkthrough, Guide 5- Silitha

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Silitha is the fifth boss and the fourth Chosen. After some disturbing revelations, you’re thrown right into this boss battle, which at first seems oddly calm.

Silitha’s first attack is to teleport around the room, and sometimes right above you to drop down on War. To beat this first stage of the battle against Silitha, use the abyssal chain to pull yourself towards her, and then hack away. She’ll vanish, so get ready to dash! Silitha will re appear above War, and so you must dash to evade her attack. Repeat this process of Abyssal chain, attack, dodge.

The window to dodge Silitha’s attack is very small. The best thing to do is to move in one direction as she vanishes (don’t stop targeting her though), and dodge a moment or two AFTER Silitha Re appears. Once you’ve dodges one or two of the attacks from this boss though, you’ll be able to dodge most of them.

Stage two of the boss battle is very similar to stage one, and occurs when Silitha screams. The principles are the same, but now Silitha randomises her attacks a little. Sometimes she will try to flatten War twice before jumping back to the edge of the arena. Just keep your reflexes sharp, and keep doing what you’ve done to get this far.

After Silitha screams a second time, part 3 begins in earnest. The boss basically goes ape shit! Silitha will teleport around like a mad and will only occasionally stop at the edge of the arena for very short periods of time. Silithas has also developed a new attack where she will teleport in front of War, and try to attack him with her claws. To avoid this, dodge to the SIDE. Idea is the same though, each time Silitha attacks, evade and then use the chain to get close and attack when she is on the edge of the arena. I can’t tell you exactly when the boss will attack and with what, But as a guide, she tends to jump to the wall and then off it before trying her new claw attack.

If you’re feeling cocky, then Silitha has a very small opening just after she makes each of her attacks, you can get a few quick hits off there if you feel confident. It helps, but it’s not vital to win the boss battle.

Stage four begins when Silitha jumps to the roof and some red fire balls appear around her. She will drop these on you, so you need to be quick with the next part! When the orbs turn red (They start blue) you can chain your way up to them. From there, you can use the chain to jump on Silitha. War will then finish off the boss battle.

All in all, not a very hard boss once you’ve got the evading timed right. I find it helps to keep the move stick tilted to the left or right all the time, and always stay locked on. This means that, provided you dash at the right moment, Silitha should miss almost every time and you can use that little window after her attack more effectively. If you’re not comfortable with that though, at no point does this boss stop taking rests at the edge of the arena (apart from stage four), so don’t feel you need to get cocky.

I hope this walkthrough was helpful, and once you’ve beaten Silitha, you should find dodging and counter attacking much easier.

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