Tips on how to find free medical assistance at a clinic in your area

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Get Free Medical Assistance and FREE Prescription Medicine

   If you are in need of medical assistance and need a doctor, dentist or eye care but you have no income and no insurance and even Medicare and Medicaid has turned you down, it may be possible for you to locate and qualify for a free community care clinic. Here is a way to locate the nearest one to your area and find out if you qualify.

You need to check to see if your community has a local free clinic by looking in your phone book or calling your local information assistance number. Sometimes, this clinic may be called a community care clinic instead of free clinic but it is basically the same thing. You might call the department of Social Services to request this information if your area does not have an information telephone line.

 Once you are able to locate a local clinic, call the number and find out what you need to do to apply for their assistance. Be sure to ask what types of paperwork you will need to bring along with you if they ask you to come in. Some of these documents may include your driver’s license, social security card, most recent bank statement, copy of last paycheck or copy of social security award letter, letter of denial from Medicaid and or letter of denial from the disability office if you have applied, letter of proof that you are actively searching for employment at the local employment office, and perhaps some other documents will also be requested. This is a lot of work to gather these documents but it will pay off if you qualify for assistance.

Most of these clinics will ask that you be turned down for Medicare or Medicaid assistance before you can qualify for the free clinic but they will allow you to apply sometimes if your application is in progress although not complete yet.  If the person you speak with that represents the free clinic informs you that you qualify, they will either ask you to come in for an appointment or will have another person call you to gather more information from you.

Some of the other services that the clinic may possibly have to offer you may include the same ones as our local clinic offers in our area.  Our local clinic offers free dental, free medical doctor visits and medications, free tests such as blood testing, bone testing, x-rays and also offers free eye exams and glasses for those that qualify. Sometimes the waiting list is long, but it is worth the wait if you find that you qualify to obtain the free assistance.


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