Find out if your Medicine is making you Sick

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How to know if your Medicine is making you Sick

Learn to know your medications and learn about any of their potential side effects. Look each prescription or over the counter supplement up online and read the complete list of side effects.

Take a pen and paper and write down any side effects of a medication that you think relates to any symptom at all that you have been feeling.  Research and read the information on each prescription medication and also include any supplements and over the counter pills that you take regularly.

Try taking your medications one at a time, at a different time of day for a few days.  Pay attention and take notice if any of your symptoms of being ill begins to occur after any certain time of taking any of them. If this happens, consult your doctor and ask if they can switch that medication to a different type for you. If it is an over the counter supplement, consider stopping it.

If you are unable to narrow your symptoms of being ill down to any of your medications or supplements using the above step, then you need to contact your doctor for an appointment. Ask the doctor to review your list of medications and supplements and to help you with finding out why you are getting ill on a daily basis. Write down everything that you are taking on a daily basis and have it ready for your doctor.

If you think you have narrowed the medication and supplement list down, and think that you have pinpointed your illness down to being caused by a certain prescription medication, take it up with your doctor and ask that prescription medication be changed to a different type for awhile. This will allow you to see if it is the real reason for your illness or not.

If you are feeling ill on a regular basis, do not ignore those symptoms. If you do not wish to do any research on your medications, just call your doctor and make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with him or her.


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