Softlips-New Product Goes Green

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I’ve had the recent pleasure of experiencing Softlips Pure, a new 100% natural lip balm line available in two light fruity flavors-Pomegranate and Honeydew-with ingredients that are 95% certified organic.

In other words, it’s “green”! If you’re naturally and organic-conscious, or chemically sensitive, this would be an excellent choice to add to your daily beauty routine.

There’s no synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients involved; the all-natural emollients and conditioners include organic oils, beeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba, (olive) fruit oil, and fruit extracts. No animal by-products are used nor is this tested on animals.

Did you know that Softlips Pure is the first lip balm in the U.S. available in the cold and cough aisle (of most mass retail, drug and supermarket stores nationwide) to be certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture? You do now!

I was intrigued by the new Pure line; the package design’s really eye-catching (it’s also recyclable) and there were those two new flavors to try out. The price is $3.00 per lip balm (It’s well worth it; They last a good while!).

What a sensory delight! The pomegranate balm is like having a fresh, light apple taste lingering on your lips all day. The honeydew reminded me of the pleasant aftereffects of eating melon. (Now some of you may not be familiar with pomegranates or honeydew. A pomegranate is a sweet fruit that resembles an apple and is full of nutrient-packed seeds and Vitamins B, C, and E, to name a few. Since ancient times, the leaves, bark, fruit and rind, and even flowers were used to help in treating medical conditions. Honeydew is a sweet substance that oozes from the leaves of certain plants in hot weather; It’s also a variety of melon that’s good to eat and good for you to eat. It contains Vitamin C, potassium and calcium. Sweet as the flesh is, there are only 49 calories in 1 slice.)

The balms are packaged in a sleek, slim case that allows women to easily tuck them into pockets, purses or make-up cases.

You can use these products as is, or under or over lipstick as part of your daily lip care routine. Apply liberally on the lips as needed, especially if the lips will be exposed to the elements, such as direct sunlight, cold or wind. And the products can be reapplied after eating and drinking.

Softlips is the line of premium lip conditioners (balms) designed with skin-protecting ingredients while also keeping them soft and healthy. And they have a variety of other flavors-and now tints-that are out of this world!

I personally have Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry with Green Tea Extract (Try this with red berry lipstick!), Sugar Cookie, Winter Mint, and the Rose and Bronze Tints-The latter two flatter various skin tones; All of the abovementioned can be used as lipstick alternatives or to enhance your regular lipstick shades.

What I also love about Softlips is that there’s no greasy feeling or waxy build-up (I’ve previously tried other lip balms, including a couple of well-known brands, and had to stop using them. The grease and wax were so thick upon just the first application, that you really couldn’t put on or adjust any lipstick correctly. Eating was a nightmare, not to mention the sheer “yuck” factor. Softlips has restored my faith in lip balms!). I’m a very satisfied customer!

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