Five Unique Ways to Promote Your Business

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Here are some unique ways you can promote your business.

1. Hold a contest. People like to win something especially something that is useful or popular so that they do not have to pay for it directly.  Check with the authorities whether you can hold a contest and the requirements you must meet before you can hold one. An example of a contest is “Customers who has a total purchase of more than $150 will be entered into a contest to win a brand new MP3 player”. Advertise the contest on the Internet as well as other medias.

2. Exchange business cards. Get businesses to display your business cards while you display theirs. In this way, those who are involved can help one another to find and attract customers. Make sure you do not exchange with businesses that are in competition with you.

3. Sponsor partially a product of another business. Arrange with an non competing business to sponsor partially a product or service it produces in return for a partial sponsor for your product or service from them. Make sure your potential customers can see your contact details, the location of your business, and the web address of your business when they look at your sponsor’s message.

4. Distribute something useful. Insert a pamphlet containing some useful household tips or a good recipe into every mailbox that is not marked with “No Junk Mail” or anything similar. Remember to include the name of your business, it’s location, and web address on thepamphlet . Distribute as many pamphlets as you can. When the person reads the pamphlet, he or she may want to get more information and she can do so by visiting your website and if your business offers something that he or she needs, he or she will visit your store or make an online purchase.

5. Allow customers from other businesses to purchase at a discounted rate. Here’s something I remember watching on a video in a class for business course some years ago. If I remember correctly, the video suggested to the viewers to arrange with a noncompeting business to allow customers from it to buy something from then that at a discount while it’s owner allows your customers to buy something from him or her at a discount. In this way, I believe, you can help one another to get more customers.

When your potential customers receive information on your business via the methods above, they may also tell their friends about it. This is called word-of-mouth advertising. Such method of advertising can be very powerful as news can spread very quickly using this method. I am sure you have heard of you friends telling you where they bought something or received some service from.

I wish you every success in promoting your business.


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