How to Make Money

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  1. The easiest to make some extra money is by submitting articles on sites such as Ehow, Bukisa, and Associated Content.
  2. You can sell your unwanted items at Ebay,, Amazon, or at Craigslist. It can help you generate more money selling your clothes, textbooks, or other items that you no longer need. It can reduce the clutter in your house and have more money in your account. You can also sell your things by having a garage or yard sale. 
  3. Try to get a part-time job, a seasonal job, or do freelance work. 
  4. Save your money and put it in a high yield savings account or in a CD account. Etrade and HSBC have a high yield savings account. HSBC have a 2.25% online payment account or a checking account. 
  5. Avoid making any impulse purchase. Curb your spending. Making frequent purchases can lower your future income. Avoid using credit cards to make your purchases. 
  6. Save your loose change. Put your coins in a piggy bank or in a jar until it is full. When the jar is full, separate your change into pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and put them in coin wrappers. Take them to your bank and put them into your account. 
  7. If you enjoy listening to music, sign up at The perk is that the website will pay you to listen and review up and coming artists. All you need is a paypal account and the withdrawal is 10 dollars for US citizens.  

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