World of Warcraft Tailoring Guide. Players Can Get Their Sewing Skill to 300 by Following These Steps

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World of Warcraft Tailoring is one of the few trade skill in Blizzard’s popular massively multiplayer online role playing game that does not require a gathering skill to complement it. With the exception of a few pieces of leather or dropped pieces of loot needed to make some World of Warcraft tailoring patterns, almost everything the tailor needs will be obtained from drops off of humanoid mobs found throughout the game.

Starting Out as a Tailor

The first step with any trade skill is to purchase training from a tailoring trainer. All of the racial capital cities such as Ironforge or Ogrimmar will have a profession trainers in residence. Other areas throughout the game will have tailoring trainers available. Until the new World of Warcraft tailor gets to the master level of the profession, the trainers in the capital cities will meet most of the World of Warcraft tailors needs.. Gathering Your World of Warcraft Tailoring Materials A new tailor may want to purchase a stack or two of coarse thread when he he starts to increase his skill level. The first item a new World of Warcraft tailor needs to gather are pieces of Linen cloth. Linen clo0th allows the World of Warcraft tailor to make the other lower level tailoring patterns.

Bolts of Linen Cloth will gray out at around 50, but are useful in raising the tailoring skill until the bolts of linen cloth become green at 37. After the bolts become green to the tailor, the player should check the list of patterns available to him. Creating Belts and Simple kills Kilts allow the World of Warcraft Tailor to get to 75, when he should purchase the artisan tailoring level from the nearest trainer. Once the artisan level is purchased, the tailor should make wool bolts until the pattern becomes green. When wool bolts become green, the World of Warcraft tailor should look at the recipes that require wool bolts that require the least amount of material to raise his skill until those patterns become green and work his way up. The types of cloth in the game go from linen cloth, wool cloth, silk cloth, mage weave silk, and rune cloth.

Supporting Your World of Warcraft Tailor

In World of Warcaft, Tailoring produces items that can be used by all people in the game. Generally only Priests, Mages, and Warlocks will wear the items a World of Warcraft tailor produces. Cloaks which can be produced by the tailoring trade skill are worn by all players throughout the game so these have the best chance of selling at the auction house. World of Warcraft tailors who sell their items back to a vendor receive a small profit which may be useful for items with little value to players. When a World of Warcarft character raises his tailoring skill high enough, he can choose one of three specializations: mooncloth , shadoweave , and spellfire .Tailors do not need a gathering skill to help support their sewing habit, a tailor is free to take up another profession such as alchemy or herbalism if he so desires.


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