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Human mind is never at peace and the desire to take a break from all hassles is what generally creeps into the mind.

Working long hours in office, spending a lot of time in travelling are some of the things that are time snatchers. The poor creature is left with nothing but a few hrs at its disposal which results into nothing fruitful but full of stress.

Here are some tips that can help to reduce stress:

  • Yoga and diet: Nowadays, power exercises are in vogue and tend to take a lot of energy. However, instead of refreshing the mind they make one a little tired. Opt for walk and yoga instead. Have food high in fibre. Do not skip meals and cut down on junk food.
  • Focus on goals: have your goals clear in mind and also be sure of the time frame in which you wish to achieve them. Accordingly, break the goal into tasks that will help to achieve these goals. Set the time limits for each task completion. Plan your actions accordingly. This systematic approach will help to drill down to the micro level and simplify the life. Since you already have a clear focus in mind and in a well written plan, the stress reduces. Also one tends not to miss on any step.
  • Organize your things: make it a point to clean your cupboards on monthly basis. Follow an approach of sorting, spic and span and arranging the things in the systematic manner. Do not keep old things which are of no use in future just because you want to keep it. Get rid of that clutter. This will help to reduce time spent of unnecessary search. Also it will help to keep things organized.
  •  Automate things: make use of calendars and reminder option in your mobiles and desktop. Set times for things like washing of clothes, reminders for bill payment, wishing somebody on birthdays (this will help you not to fail on social interactions), giving a call to friends, meeting deadlines for tasks.Opt for auto debit or standing instructions for bill payment and EMI’s. This will ensure duly payments and reduce default and stress.
  •  Learn to say no:Do not burden yourself with task. Accept the fact that you are a human being who also has two hands and 24 hours at disposal. Learn to say no politely to extra duties forced on you.

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