How to get up early

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Getting up early morning is a pain. After a good long sleep, one always feels that it is not enough. The wish if it would have been still some hours to go. One needs to have certain motivators to get up on time but they underweight the ones that encourage having some more hours /minute of sleep.

  • Do not totally cut off the light in the room. This will allow the sunlight to wake you up automatically.
  • Take on an average 7 hrs of sleep. This will give adequate rest to the body and allow to wake up on time.
  • Have a fixed schedule. Sleep on time and wake up on time.
  • Set your mind with the thought that if you get up on time, you will treat yourself with something good like a cup of tea or coffee, or chocolate shake.
  • The early morning sight of nature is too refreshing. If one gets up early, the sunrise and the scenic beauty, that tinge of crimson red and yellow gives positive vibes.
  • Keep the alarm clock at a distance. It often happens that we tend to put off the alarm and go back to sleep. If it is kept at a distance, you will have to get out of bed and put the alarm off. This way you will automatically get out of bed and will no more get to sleep.
  • When the alarm rings, think that if you do not get up the whole schedule will get disturbed.
  • Engage yourself in some activity like exercises, yoga that will help to keep the body active throughout the day.

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