Why I want to be a Tsunami

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When I grow up, I want to be a tsunami! It sounds a little bit strange isn’t it? But hey! I like the feel of the water covering me all the way. I love to feel the taste of the salt in my mouth.     And I love to travel. I want to see the ocean’s deepest places. And beyond that, I want the feel the earth quaking when I a wake up. I open my eyes and look over the ocean. If I am a tsunami, I can travel as fast as a commercial jet. That means speed up to 800 kilometer per hour. That’s speed, man! I want to cross the ocean in a day, when I am in the mood to see may friends at the other side. Friends? Will I have friends? I don’t know. But I guess not. Or maybe?

 The fact is that the tsunami travels alone. And a tsunami is always busy. It has something to do in other places that its home. As a tsunami I don’t have time to play. So where are my friends? Just the other day I was walking through the Atlantic ocean and I run into a ship. The sailors didn’t observe me. I think is because of my stature, I am just 30 centimeters high. But as I touched the ship, I saw the fear in the sailors eye. And I get frightened also, so everything went wrong. I don’t really remember what happened after that.

 The beautiful part of being a tsunami is, that I can travel the entire ocean and never feel tired. One day I crossed the Indian Ocean to reach Africa and I felt no energy loss. You may think that I feel alone. It’s true, that I tried to have friends, but as they see my length – and I have some, I assure you –  the 60 miles, they become strange. Never-mind, I feel okay having my waves with me. The only thing that can bother me sometimes is a reef. Or a bay. Okay, I admit that I have problems with  the river entrances also. Most of the times I avoid meeting with them. That’s because one time I had meeting with a reef, and I didn’t turned to be healthy for me. I was just running as usual, so I ran into a reef. In that moment I felt loosing my energy and I failed. Just like that. So from that moment on, I avoid them.


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