Home Health Care Marketing

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The primary focus of this paper will be to examine the general issue of home health care marketing.  In order to present a thorough overview of the topic, several elements will be taken into consideration and explored.  Among these elements will be the relationship with integrated delivery systems, the type of strategic planning that is used to market home health care, the development of affiliations within the industry and, last but not least, reimbursement and the need for diversification and reorganization as a means of fully maximizing reimbursement capabilities.

     Clearly, as both aging and chronically ill portions of our population are steadily increasing, health care issues inevitably rise to the top of the list among society’s concerns.  As the need for various health care services multiplies, individuals, families and medical professionals and personnel are seeking a variety of options in which patients’ needs can be satisfactorily addressed and met.

     While a certain percentage of the elderly and ill might have their needs met by family, a significant portion seeks outside resources in order to suit their situations.  Certainly, nursing homes are one alternative for society.  However, the desire for remaining at home is generating a great deal of activity and perhaps unprecedented possibilities in the home health care industry.

     Having said this, it would strike me as appropriate that the home health care services industry would be remiss if they were not to develop and implement strategic marketing approaches in order to connect those in need with the available resources that they might require.  And while the idea of marketing any kind of health care might seem distasteful to some, we have to wonder why shouldn’t such marketing take place.  If anything, it would seem to let society know what options are available to them and how to proceed should the need for services arise


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