Fairy-tale Castle Honeymoons in Europe

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who was put to bed each night after listening to a fairy-tale filled with wonderment and promises of happily ever after.  Maybe you know her; then again, maybe that little girl was you. 

Finding your Prince Charming was a dream come true.  The moment he asked for your hand in marriage, you felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  Finally, the time has come to start planning.  This also means planning your honeymoon.

Before you convince yourself that fairy-tales can’t come true, perhaps you should think about a castle honeymoon in Europe.  After all of the commotion and festivities involved in planning and surviving your wedding day, it might be the perfect idea to head off to one of many lavish, real-life European castles to spend your honeymoon. 

Scholss Monchstein in Salzburg, Austria, will cleanse you with an abundance of fresh air and soothe you with classical music and breathtaking scenery.  The rooms resemble hotel rooms more than some other castles, but are still elegant and well appointed.

Castle Ten Berghe in beautiful Bruges, Belgium, is a majestic masterpiece surrounded by water.  The castle is stylishly decorated in elaborate period décor and the bedrooms set a standard for luxury with ornate wooden furniture.

Isle Marie in Normandy, France, is part of a protected park.  In the spring, the castle is surrounded by stunning gardens.  During the winter months, the grounds flood and create the image of a lake bounded castle.  This is a great time to relax in the drawing room by the glowing fireplace.

Chateau D’Esclimont is located approximately an hour outside the Paris city limits in St. Symphorien-le-Chateau, France.  The extensive, wooded grounds are a perfect honeymoon hideaway.  You can treat yourselves to fine dining and area wine.  The architecture is romantic and complete with turrets and moats.

Dromoland Castle near Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, Ireland, will allow you to feel like absolute royalty.  Service is one of its best features and the staff does their best to indulge your every whim.  The food is marvelous and the golf course offers a challenge.  Dromoland is old-world style and luxury at its finest.

Lapa Palace of Lisbon, Portugal, offers a tropical pool that will allow you to soak up some sun as you lounge on the deck.  The rooms are so lavish you and your sweetie may want to stay tucked away for your entire honeymoon.

Dalhousie Castle is roughly twenty minutes from Edinburgh, in Midlothian, Scotland, and is a great place for leisure.  The décor is warm and inviting and they present a range of activities, including spa treatments and exclusive “Dungeon Dining”.  Roslyn Chapel, featured in “The DaVinci Code”, is just a few minutes away.

Finally, Parador De Alarcon in Alarcon, Spain, is an eighth century Arab castle where you can enjoy medieval Arabian nights.  This well-preserved historic castle is nestled on a Spanish hillside and features period décor.

If the little girl who dreamed of living a fairy-tale lifestyle is still somewhere inside you, there is hope.  Spending your honeymoon in any one of these splendid castles can make your own fairy-tale come true; even if it is just for a little while.


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