Enjoy Your Christmas Decorating Creativity With External Christmas Decorations

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Since Christmas is such a festive time of year, why not join in with the unspoken neighborhood competition of exterior Christmas decorations. Just keep in mind that the competition is supposed to be friendly and should promote good will and joy to neighbors and people who passes by your neighborhood.

Some would prefer themes on their exterior Christmas decorations. Turning their lawns into small scenes based on Christmas related events.  An examples of a very nice theme based exterior Christmas decoration is the nativity scene. Since Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ why not portray the scene outside your homes. There are available sets in the market that you can use. If you want you can even customize your own nativity scene by getting blank ceramic statues. These lawn statues come with paint so you can paint them yourself. Another theme based exterior Christmas decoration is Santa’s workshop. This will go great in places where snow is expected to fall so as to depict scenes in the North Pole.

For those who do not find the theme based exterior Christmas decoration ideas, there are still ways for you to show off your competitive edge. As early as November, you can start planting flowers that bloom during the cold season. This way when Christmas time comes the flowers will already have bloomed. Since flowers are not necessarily an exterior Christmas decoration, it is better to arrange them into a Christmas related object. So imagine a patch of flowers on your lawn that is shaped like a Christmas tree. Better yet, you can just transfer the contents of the pots on the lawn and arrange them
according to color. With some creativity and a lot of plants you can even make a mosaic design made from plants and flowers.

If you are short on budget, and would still want to share some of your creativity through your exterior Christmas decoration, then try using recycled materials. Just make sure that they do not look like junk. Usually a fresh coat of paint will liven up the colors. A suggestion is that you can even make a Santa figure from scraps of metal, some large water jugs, some old red clothing and a Santa mask. But you should be careful as the recycled materials should not appear dirty as it will only be a sight for sore eyes.

These exterior Christmas decoration ideas are only a few of the designs you can come up with. If you keep doing it every year then eventually you will get more ideas as you improve each year. Don’t feel bad about criticisms you get from your display and do not get mad when you receive negative ones. This is the best way to improve your exterior Christmas decoration even more.

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