You Can Get Your Kids Interested In Educational Word Games

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Children love games. So much so that you can even incorporate learning, while letting them enjoy a good game. It also teaches children lessons in sportsmanship and in being competitive. If you look around in some shops, they sell educational word games both for children and for adults. Most of the time the aim of these games is to enhance and broaden the vocabulary of the players.

Traditional educational word games like scrabble need special boards and pieces to get maximum enjoyment. Other games like hangman, wordhunt, or crossword puzzles only need a pen and some piece of paper. Usually educational word games like these are either for the advanced player or just for adults.

It’s quite a good thing that today, you can entice your kids into playing kid friendly versions of these games. You can also get them online and some online educational word games are even customizable to set the level of difficulty suitable for the child’s age. These games will also serve the purpose of training the child in using the keyboard and the mouse. However, it is still important to supervise them when they play educational word games online or with computers. Set limits on how long they are allowed to play as well as entertain any questions that may arise from the words used in the game.

Educational word games will also help develop comprehension on the player’s part. As the child player encounter terms repeatedly he or she can easily familiarize and retain the usage and meaning of the words. In fact, some educational word games are intentionally designed to improve comprehension. An example of this is a game that tells you a story. After the story, questions will be asked based on what happened in the story. This will help improve the listening and reading skills of children.

Makers of educational word games claim that their games will make your kids smarter. This is not true. Though most games will exercise the brain into analytic thinking and broadening the vocabulary of your children, everything will still depend on how the parents use these games to promote a child’s better understanding.

Even a simple game of hang man or wordhunt would prove to be educational if you use meaningful words along with some common words. After the child found all the words he should be looking for, then you can now explain or ask him what his idea of the words.  If a child does not totally understand them, be patient and explain the words in a manner that will be easy for him to understand.

This way, any word games you play with them can become educational word games.

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