Even Kids Can Make Simple Halloween Treats

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What better way to pass the Halloween night than with some snacks. The best part is that these easy Halloween treats are healthy, nutritious and delicious.  They are treats so easy to make that preparation is basically just mixing them and arranging them to make them look like disembodied parts or cute little ghosts.

Here are the recipes for easy Halloween treats:

Let’s start with the easiest on the list. This is called the “Ghostly Banana”. As the name implies, you’ll need a peeled banana, some white chocolate, some chocolate chips or some raisins or currants for the eyes, and a Popsicle stick so you can hold them without making a mess.

Easy Halloween treats like this can be made by children with only minimal supervision of an adult. The first step is to freeze the bananas. But before doing so, you can cut the bananas in half then push a Popsicle stick on the bottom. Then after freezing smear on the white chocolate then place the raisins, chocolate chips or currants to resemble eyes and mouth.

The next on the easy Halloween treats list are the “Apples that bite back”. It’s so simple that it only needs three ingredients. Easy Halloween treats like these may not be best for children to do as it needs a little bit of knife work.  First remove the cores of the apples then cut them into quarters. Then cut wedges into those quarters.  In the space created, place some almond pieces shaped like teeth or small cheese squares. Then brush them with orange or juice to keep the color of the apple meat as white as when they started.

The last on the easy Halloween treats list is the “Finger Food”. Basically all you need are small carrots some cream cheese chives and some almonds to serve as nails.  The first step is to soften the cream cheese; then fold in the sliced chives.  Next,  stick in the carrots to resemble digits sticking out from the cheese, then attach almond pieces using the cheese to the tips of the carrot to resemble nails.

These easy Halloween treats are very delicious, nutritious and even very fun to make with the kids.  Just because these are easy Halloween treats doesn’t mean we will not supervise our children while making them.  Remember to do the heating and cutting yourself to avoid injuries. Or if the kids are a little bit bigger and responsible then you can teach them how to use the kitchen tools properly and safely.

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