The best communities for families to live in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has an abundance of differences. Just about everything you can see throughout the United States is contained right in New Hampshire. There are vast forests, farmland, mountains, inner cities, rural and suburban areas.

While most states have smaller communities within their cities, New Hampshire does not. There is only one city who has separate “areas” and that is Manchester. While there are no real significances in the communities of Manchester, they are geared toward different types of people.

The East side of Manchester is populated more with the low to mid income group of people. There is a lot of low income housing and apartment houses, with the out skirts containing most of the single family houses.

The West side of Manchester is considered “French”. This area also contains much of the same area as the East Side; however the crime rate of this side of town is slightly higher than the East.

The South and North ends are middle to upper middle class. While there are still apartment houses, the majority of the structures are single family.

While the communities in Manchester seem to be a little different, Manchester offers more than any other town or city in New Hampshire can. The population of others cities aren’t usually large enough to support themselves. Manchester is the only town where public works is in full swing. This doesn’t mean that other towns are dilapidated, just that there aren’t parks, in which you can visit, or public pools and things of the like.

But if you want a community in which you can grow and have what the have not’s want, Hooksett and Bedford are the place to be.

Hooksett is a small town in which is primarily filled with single family homes that sit on at least one acre of land. Hooksett is also a small drive to the biggest city in the state, Manchester, but off the beaten path so that you are have the complete suburban feel. There are shopping plazas in which you can get the necessities, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Shaw’s, as well as other small stores.

Bedford is almost exactly the same except you pay more for what you get. The same home that cost $250,000 in Hooksett would cost about $350,000 with less land in Manchester, and about $500,000 in Bedford. If you want to pay more for the same thing, Bedford is the place to go. Bedford however, has less to offer the family than Hooksett. The price alone says it all.

Bedford is more for white collar workers and Hooksett is for the blue collar worker. The only difference is the amount of money you have to make to maintain the same lifestyle.

But don’t be fooled. There are many communities within New Hampshire that are just as suitable as Hooksett and Bedford. The only unfortunate thing for these other communities is price difference and the amount of time it travels to get the groceries.

No matter where you live in New Hampshire, there are good qualities to every community. Distance shouldn’t have a bearing on what makes a good community, it’s the people. Amongst all things, the crime rate all across the state is relatively low.


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