Have Good Entertainment During Family Trips With Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

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Most of the time, a long family road trip becomes uncomfortable for the passengers. The kids become restless and the older passengers become cranky and most of the time all passenger have turned irritable. This is to the detriment of the driver who becomes distracted and annoyed himself. A good solution for this is to install a dual screen portable dvd player on the backside of your car’s front seats.

A dual screen portable dvd player is a great addition to the family car especially if the it’s an SUV or a van. This way the passengers at the back can have a great view on the screens. Keep in mind that the screen size is very important. Try to get a screen that can fit well on to the back of the front seats’ headrest.You should also consider LCD screens since they can be viewed at any angle, although there are LCD screens with minimum viewing angle.

If the kids have a small gaming console then they can take it with them on the trip as most dual screen portable dvd players support portable gaming consoles. The best part about it is that they can have their own screen and each can have his or her own audio headset.  If the audio jacks are limited, an audio jack splitter plug will solve your problems.

A dual screen portable dvd player will also do well for watching movies. You have to consider directly hooking it up to your sound system.This is recommended for the dual screen portable dvd player that does not have separate audio sockets.

A good feature of some dual screen portable dvd players is the capability to read USB devices. The dual screen portable dvd player will be able to read media like flash drives with some mp3, mp4 or even jpeg files. They can come in very useful in copying DVD movies as an alternative to bringing around stacks of DVD movies.  Copy movies into a flash drive and plug them in on the dual screen portable dvd player.

One disadvantage in using a dual screen portable dvd player is that your car will stick out like a sore thumb to car thieves. These are obvious valuable electronics which makes your car a good target even if your car is heavily tinted. Nevertheless, one good countermeasure is to put covers on the headrests if you are to park the car and leave it unattended.

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