How To Maintain Your Doorbells

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A doorbell is basically used to inform residents that there is somebody knocking on their door, so to speak. This household gadget is made up of solenoid or a special electromagnetic device. The electromagnetic devise is a coiled wire surrounding a piston made of metal that is moving back and forth. The piston hits the left and right tone bars due to the electromagnetic field. Different sounds can be produced by adding additional tone bars and solenoids. This is how the old version or conventional doorbell works.

Due to its popular use among homeowners, the electronic doorbell was introduced. This type of doorbell no longer has the traditional tone bars or electromagnets in it but instead uses an integrated circuit or IC. When the IC is pressed, a message or a song that was previously recorded in digital form will be activated. For this reason, there are plenty of digital messages or song recordings to choose from.  The electronic doorbell has a control system that is wireless in contrast to the conventional doorbell, hence, special wiring is no longer needed during installation. To be operational, you have to press the button that will trigger the message or song. Continuous pressing of the button will trigger the repeated playing of the sound, the message or song.  

With the growing popularity of the electronic doorbell, more and more house owners are installing them. However, majority of homes still have the conventional doorbell installed because it is made of sturdier materials. Aside from this, the conventional type is simple to maintain. Thus, it will take a lot of time before the conventional doorbell will see a total phase out.     

In case your house has two entrances, be sure to install two different sounds to avoid confusion. Otherwise, it will be a guessing game as to which door entrance you will attend to. Also, it will be a shame if your visitor is a very important person and will be kept waiting for a long period of time.

In like manner, since most of the electronic doorbells are battery operated, make it a habit to check the battery condition if it needs replacement.  Or else, your visitor will be left unattended. Other factors may affect its battery life such as external exposure to the environment. Other than the battery, the electronic button is also subject to easy wear and tear. Keep these important details in mind or better yet, include them in the list of items that needs to be checked periodically.

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