Disposable Cameras Are A Wonderful Representative of Modern Camera Technology

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Forgetting to bring a camera while on vacation is one big mistake. It’s a good thing that today there are disposable cameras being sold in convenient locations. As technology today is very advanced, they are affordably priced and still have offer features like splash proof cases or underwater capability of up to 50 meters.

A disposable camera is just as effective as a regular reusable camera. Unlike before when such cameras rarely have zoom capability, the disposable cameras now include a switch that effectively zooms for up to 35% of the distance.

Disposable cameras are sold in theme parks, national parks, water resorts or beaches and even on ski trails. Since these are extreme locations, there are those with special features like shock proof cases. These cases are great for theme parks so you can take snapshots while on a bumpy rollercoaster ride. These even include rubber straps so you will not lose it during the ride.  

For national parks and beaches there are cameras that are splash and sunscreen resistant. These are designed to survive sprinkles of rain but are not totally submersible. It also does not get affected by sunscreen smudges from fingers. In water resorts or diving and snorkeling sites there are submersible disposable camera models available. As for desert or cold ski resorts, there are disposable cameras that can survive harsh weather. These cameras are said to withstand sand and snow without compromising the picture quality.

Disposable cameras are also great during party events, wedding receptions or any other occasion that include a lot of people. They are handed over to the guests so they can take candid moments if they happen to get a good view. This is great as it can eliminate the need for a professional photographer. It is much cheaper and convenient since the cameras come in sets or as package deals.

The only disadvantage to disposable cameras is that they are for one time use only. They may have great features but it will only be able to hold one roll of film.  The shots are limited but its cheap price makes up for it. Environmental issues were also considered hence manufacturers made it to a point to make their units recyclable.

The disposable unit sent to a photo lab for developing will not be given back to the customer.The latter will only receive the developed pictures and the disposable cameras will be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling. If you’re one who seldom uses a camera then disposable cameras are just right for you.

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