Tips to prevent over seeding a lawn

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Well all want the envy of the neighborhood; we want the best of everything, or at least better than what everyone else has. And more often than not, the grass is always greener on the other side.

The first thing that people see is the lawn. They drive by and notice it, whether or not it is green. But we want the best lawn. We want the fullest and greenest lawn. So we seed and water, fertilize and seed, and then water some more.

We keep on working hard and yet our lawn isn’t as full as we want it. Are we using enough seed to achieve what we want?

So we seed again and again throughout the growing season, and then water some more.

We read the package and we are putting down the right amount of seed and still not getting the results that we want.

But we starting thinking are we over seeding? Can we over seed? Is too much seed hurting my lawn?

The truth of the matter is you really can’t. Seed will only grow where it can; where it can get the proper nutrients it needs to grow. As long as it gets proper sun, water and fertilizer; it will grow. There is a margin of error and some seeds won’t grow, so that gives you extra room. Even if you seed up until the point to where your grass is as full as you want it, you will still need to seed thereafter. After time, grass starts to thin throughout the season and you will simply have to seed again to maintain what you have.

As grass grows and the shorter it is cut, the thinner it gets. When grass is cut short the roots are allowed to get stronger, but the blades are thinner. The longer the grass gets the thicker the blade, but the weaker the roots get.

Seeding is not something that can be overdone. It is just simply seed.

Of course, if you have the money spend on as much seed as you want go for it, the only thing that you will be wasting is money. You won’t be causing harm to your lawn; you won’t be causing harm to anything other than your pocket.

Most people wonder whether or not they are putting enough seed down when the real issue is whether or not they are watering enough. There are many conditions that need to be right in order for grass seed to grow and prosper. The other things that need to be considered are water, sun, fertilizer and dirt.

All of these factor into the equation, and over seeding is not one of them. Don’t worry about whether or not you are putting too much seed down, the last thing you want to be doing in not putting down enough seed.


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