High school diploma vs. GED

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Getting your high school diploma can at times be an up hill battle and you should be very proud indeed that you have completed high school and can move on from there. But getting your GED can also be a great accomplishment and should be considered as such. There can be many different sets of circumstances as to why someone was not able to get their diploma from high school. There have even been times when someone has gone many years even decades before they were able to receive their GED. We as a society have finally come to accept this reality and we even embrace the story of these hard earned struggles to finally have a certificate showing you did your part and studied to get your diploma. 

The GED test itself has been around for many years and the ides came about originally so that young military personnel could be considered as “completed” in high school competency. There have been a few revisions over the years, as times have changed the criteria for getting your GED have changed also. Now when you are either filling out a job application or even when filling out the paperwork required to continue your education at a college; it usually has a check box High School Diploma/GED together so that it is now considered pretty much one in the same. There is still some prejudice though even though it is perfectly legal to list them as being of the same value there are still many managers and employers who consider the GED to be of less value than a high school diploma no matter what the circumstances. 

With all of the changes that have already taken place and will be changing continually in the educational realm; ranging from home schooling to high school age students in college I think society needs to change too. With the internet and all of the best that technology can give us; we are able to open up venues that had been only dreamed about 20 years ago. We tend to operate on a 5 to 10 year lag on accepting that we need to do a major overhaul in how we have so restrictively structured educational institutions and the degrees that accompany completion and mastery. When these changes take place society as a whole will benefit because the emphasis is less on the constriction of dogma and more on the results of learning and applying knowledge.  


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