The Biggest Hoax of All Time (PT 2)

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April Fools’ — a definition please, a day celebrated worldwide on April 1st. The day is marked by sophisticated practical jokes.

On the other hand a hoax differs because the latter is a deliberate attempt to trick or deceive someone that something is indeed factual.

Moreover, hoaxes are reported by media institutions as part of an April Fools’ joke.

Here listed below is the second part of our biggest and most sensational hoax list.

Andrew Carlssin, The Time Traveling-Broker

On February 25, 2003 a news article from the Weekly World News was published regarding an Andrew Carlssin, a man who is arrested by the US’ Securities and Exchange Commission for violations for making 126 high-risk stock trades and being successful with every one of them.

According to reports, he started out with an $800 capital and made a fortune of over 350 million on a short span of time.

During a lenghty interrogation with authorities, Carlssin allegedly confessed that he is a time traveler from the year 2256.

Reports also acknowledge the fact that there were no records of anyone with the name of Andrew Carlssin anywhere before 2002. Carlssin after bailing out mysteriously disappeared.

The Tourist Guy of 9/11

Shortly, after 9/11, it was reported that a camera was found in the debris of World Trade Center. An image showing a man who poses for a picture with a jet plane about to hit the tower.

The photographed was ultimately confirmed as a hoax but not after the “tourist of death” gained worldwide and internet celebrity status.

Since then the tourist of death had appeared in different high-profile events and places such as in the Titanic, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the destruction of Air France Flight 4590.

Here’s a picture of the tourist of death surviving the titanic’s unprecedented sinking.

Mary Toft, The Mother of Rabbits

Mary Toft was a famous figure in the 18th century. She claimed that she once gave birth to a rabbit in 1726. Toft claimed to have given birth to some parts of rabbit.

After lenghty examinations and findings, it was declared by several physicians including the Royal Surgeon that Toft was telling the truth.

However, Toft later confessed that the matter was nothing but a hoax.


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