Safe quick weight loss diets

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Whether summertime is approaching or we simply want to look and feel good, we all consider getting on a diet to help us lose weight. While we wish that just simply eating different foods will aid us in this quest, exercise is also a vital role.

The first thing that needs to be done is set up a routine, or a ritual. Sticking to a set guideline will ensure success.

What you eat is going to the most important part of any diet. How much you eat isn’t as important as WHAT you eat.

Choose foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates.

Some Small Tips

Stay away from red meats and only eat lean meats. Avoid breads and other carbohydrates and incorporate more fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean you have to completely swear them off altogether, just be careful of how much of these items you eat.

A diet plan that would be the most successful would be one that looks like this:


You can still have your coffee but try to limit it to no more than two cups. Choose something like an orange or an apple instead of pancakes and sausage or a bagel. This will cut your calorie intake for the day instantly.

Mid-Morning Snack

Don’t go for something fattening. Instead bring along to work a yogurt. There are many different flavors that you can choose from, so it will rarely get boring.


Chicken Caesar Salad is the way to go. You get your protein and your vegetables as well. You don’t have to stick to just a Caesar salad, you can add any vegetables you would like, even fruits. A small amount of cheese is okay as well. But be careful about the amounts of cheese and dressing you are using. Portion control is key.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Again choose something like a yogurt or a fruit. This will tie you over until dinner and you won’t feel bloated.


Along the same lines as the Chicken Caesar Salad, choose something that will not pack calories or carbohydrates. Something like two Tuna Fish Sandwiches will do. You don’t have to have plain tuna. You can add anything to it such as celery or onion and lettuce. A little cheese here won’t hurt anything and neither will mayonnaise if you don’t like Miracle Whip.

During the day, the one thing that should be avoided when it comes to beverages is anything with a lot of sugar, like soda. Drink as much water as possible, and try to incorporate some Milk.

Exercise is the next part that is going to tie everything in. You don’t have to go out on a muscle building mission and work out all hours of the day. A simple one hour work out on the elliptical three to four times a week will do. If you want, you can even go a little further, but not much more is needed.

It may not seem like much to do, but can be tricky for those who like their junk food. My husband, on this same diet, lost 50 pounds in 4 weeks and was not skinny, but definitely looked a lot healthier and toned.

You don’t have to give up everything to stay on a diet. There is always room to have a piece of cake here, or ice cream there; but don’t overdo it. It might take time to get used to, but once you have achieved your weight loss goal in such a short amount of time, you will be glad you stuck with it.


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