Forgotten Benefits of Breathing

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1. An increase in the amount of blood, due to its higher oxygen in the lungs. This favors the elimination of toxins from the system.

2. Better body’s ability to manage and assimilate food. The digestive organs such as the stomach receive more oxygen and therefore, its operation is more efficient. The fact that the food itself are also more oxygen to help even more better digestion of the same

3. An improvement in the condition of the nervous system including the brain, spine, nerve centers and nerves. Again, this improvement is due to the increased oxygen – and therefore power – the nervous system that serves to promote health throughout the body because it communicates with all parts of the same

4. A rejuvenation of the glands, especially the pituitary and pineal. The brain is especially beneficial for oxygen, requiring three times more than the rest of the body. This has a fundamental impact on our wellbeing. A skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes softer, and reduces facial wrinkles

5. Through the movement of the diaphragm during deep breathing exercises, the abdominal organs – the stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas – receive a massage. Moreover, the movement of upper diaphragm provides another heart massage. This massage stimulates blood circulation to these organs

6. The lungs are able to be healthy and strong, which is good insurance against future problems breathing

7. Yogi breathing slowly and deeply reduces the workload of the heart. This produces a more efficient heart and stronger, it works better and lasts longer. It also results in reduced blood pressure, and less likely to suffer heart disease. Breathing exercises are able to reduce the heart’s work in two ways. First, deep breathing creates a more efficient lungs and more oxygen comes in contact with blood sent from the heart to the lungs. This means that your heart has to work as hard to send oxygen to the tissues. Second, deep breathing causes a higher pressure differential lung and this in turn results in increased blood circulation, which allows the heart a rest

8. Breathing deeply and slowly helps you control your weight. If you are overweight, the extra supply of oxygen helps burn fat. If, however, has low weight, the oxygen feeding the tissues and glands. In other words, yoga tends to help you find your ideal weight

9. The mental and physical relaxation. Breathing slow, deep and rhythmic causes a reflex stimulation of the parasympathetic system. This causes a reduction in heart rate and muscle relaxation. Since the state of mind and body are closely interrelated, these two factors in turn produce a reflex relaxation of the mind. Moreover, greater oxygenation of the brain tends to normalize brain function, reducing excessive levels of anxiety.

10. The breathing exercises cause an increase in the elasticity of the lungs and chest. This creates an increased breathing capacity all day, not only during exercise. Therefore, all those benefits remain throughout the day.

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