5 tips on SAT success

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Ah the SAT, almost every east coast college requires it. However, for a four-hour test, it may be hard to start. Here are five helpful tips on Sat Success.:

1. Don’t read the whole reading passage: The SAT is a timed test therefore making time management critical. One way to avoid running out of time on the reading comprehension section is to avoid reading the whole passage. Instead, try to read the entire first paragraph, the first and last sentence of each additional paragraph, and the entire last paragraph. The first and last paragraphs are the most important, and the first and last sentence of a paragraph will likely give u the gist of the paragraph.

2. Remember basic math formulas: The math section will likely be the easiest section of the SAT. To ensure the success of the math part, review basic math formulas. The SAT does not test extreme formula’s but simple ones like the Pythagorean triangle. Reviewing basic math rules is always better then reviewing complex formulas.

3. Do not guess, unless it’s an educated one: One of the most important things to remember on the SAT is that you lose a forth of a point if you answer a question and it’s wrong. This is one thing many people do not keep in mind since most tests do not have this rule so most people forget and guess randomly thinking it doesn’t matter. However, if you can eliminate two of the answers, mathematically it is to your advantage to guess.

4. Do not work on a question for more then 2 minute: One of the most important rules when taking the SAT is the two-minute rule. The rule states that you should not work on a SAT problem for more then 2 minutes. Most of the questions at the end of the test are infact easier then the questions in the middle of each section. You’ll probably have to average around 1 minute per question to complete the test so 2 minutes seems likes a reasonable rule.

5. Read the essay prompt, carefully!: The essay is 30% of the entire writing section and it is important to do well on it. One important thing to remember is to see what the prompt actually is. The best essay that does not answer the prompt still gets a zero. For example, if the prompt asks: what are some possible reasons for dinosaur extinction, do not go on by writing about why you believe dinosaurs were extinct by disease. Writing the essay is half the battle, understanding the prompt the other half.


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