My True Encounter with Boggy Creek

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My True Encounter with Boggy Creek

The Legend of Boggy Creek came out in the very early 70’s. It was cheaply made about the creature that roams the Boggy creek swamp system of Arkansas. When it came out my dad and his three brothers had to take everyone in the family to see it. First scary movie I saw at the cinema. My dad and his brothers loved it, cause they grew up hearing the tales about the Fouke Monster.

The movie was done like a documentary showing the stories that were going around. I almost jumped out of my skin when the creature stuck its arm through the broken window. You never forget your first scary movie, no matter how lame it may have been. Even though this movie was not high tech or done with good equipment, it still gets a lot of interest. Here in Arkansas one does not have to go far to find someone that either has a copy or as seen it. It’s also easy to find someone who has their own personal story. Here is mine.

I met this girl the last week I was in High School. We hit it off rather quickly and dated all that summer before I headed off to college. That summer I drove a blue 1967 Mustang coupe. I was always doing some work on that car. If I wasn’t doing something to make the car better, I was having to fix what had broke that week. So when the Mustang was out, I had to drive daddy’s 1964 Chevy. This was the car that I learned to drive a stick shift in. I used to tell people that the only thing I liked about that car was that the front seat was one seat. Making it easy for my girlfriend to be right next to me while I was driving. That car had some problems. Now I have a few fond memories about that car and you are about to read my favorite.

Most dates I had with my high school sweetheart had me drive 10 miles out to her place, bring her back to town to eat and then a few more miles to the movies. After the movie it was out to her Grandmothers for a short visit. Then it was home where we parked in the driveway and made out until her curfew. Sometimes we were interrupted because her little brother and sister liked to sneak out and spy on us.

The night in question, I had to use that old Chevy. It only had AM radio, no air conditioning, sometimes it got stuck in second gear and I had to put a quart of oil in it anytime I wanted to take it out.

Everything went well. We ate at this place my dad said I should go to. It was run by a guy from Scotland and he knew what it took to serve up some great seafood. The neat part of that was that almost no one knew about the place and we had that little place all to ourselves. The movie was some comedy that I don’t remember since we spent most of that time making out. After the movie we went to her grandmothers. She always had something that she made to show off to us. She knew all these country craft projects that she made and sold She was a fascinating woman.

When we went outside and headed to the car we heard a strange loud long groaning like roar off in the distance. I froze. She looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told her that sound was just like the one from the movie Legend of Boggy Creek. She just grinned, pointed in the direction of her house, which was also the direction the sound came from and said, “Boggy Creek is just two miles that way!” She said it like that sound was common around that area.

Being the guy, I let it go and I took her home. Almost forgot all about that loud sound. Easy to do after a good make out session.

It was partly cloudy that night with no moon. So it was very very dark out. I was in a great mood like always after a date and took off down that dirt road to go home without a care in the world. And a bit too fast. About a quarter mile down the road was a sharp curve. I took that curve as usual knowing that I was going to do a little drifting. Then I found a new problem with that car. All the lights went out and the engine died at the same moment while I was just coming out of the curve. It was pitch black.

I ended up swerving back and forth as I tried to stop the car. I ended up in the ditch. I tried to start the car, but got nothing. Not even a click. So I climbed out of the car and began walking back down the road to my girlfriends house. Wondering what I was going to say to her dad. He scared me much more than my own dad. So here I am walking along in the dark with barely any light and of course my mind goes right back to her telling me that Boggy Creek was nearby. With this in my head, I was beginning to get jumpy.

I had to pass an old leaning rotting shack. This was halfway back to my girlfriends house. I barely could see it, but knew it had to be there, so I walked on the opposite side of the road. That is when it happened. Two dogs suddenly got into a snarling fight on the porch of that old house. Actually that is what I like to believe what happened. I didn’t stay to find out. I probably ran the rest of the way faster than I ever ran the two mile run in the army.

When I got to that trailer house I was huffing, puffing and sweating. Her father opened the door and gave me that stone face of his as he listened to me tell what happened. I didn’t tell say a word about getting scared. Putting the car in the ditch was embarrassing enough. My girlfriend and her siblings were trying to see around him. Once I finished, he just starred at me before coming out and closing the doors on his kids. He had me get into his beat up truck and we headed down the road. He told me he believed he knew why my car cut out on me. When we got to the car he hooked up a chain and pulled it out of the ditch and then got under the hood. In less than two seconds the lights came on and he told me to start it up. It started just fine. Then he stuck that solemn face in my window and told me to follow him back to the house.

I was still shaking. I was sure that I was going to get super chewed out. At the house he got under the hood of that Chevy again and showed me a burnt spot on the frame next to where the battery was sitting. He told me that the battery had slid over and shorted everything out. This could only happen in a car this old. He then got out some wire and began to put it around the battery to hold it in place.

At any moment I knew he was going to ream me out. He just stood up with that straight face of his and said the car was safe to drive home now, then turned and walked inside. I was surprised that I was getting away. Figured that I better hurry out of there. Then just as I got into the car he said one last thing, “This is a perfect night for monsters.” Then for the first time ever I heard him laugh as he went inside.


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