Shopping for Christmas

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Difficulty: 4

Things you will need: A pen, a notebook, money

Step 1: understand the spirit Whether what you are looking for is to shop for your husband, or what you want is to shop for your wife, Christmas time is a good opportunity to practice sharing. You should therefore understand that this is the spirit of giving.

Step 2: Be willing to make a sacrifice Yes, love is not about material gifts and spending, but it helps a big deal to show the person you love that you are able to sacrifice some material assets for the sake of his or her happiness. Therefore, you need to sacrifice for those that you love.

STEP 3: ITS NOT ALL ABOUT GIFTS When shopping for Christmas, you need to understand that there is more to Christmas than just gifts. There are many parties and festivals that you need to know they will exists. For example, you can have activities such as family tournaments which may help family members interact with each other. These are all things that need to be taken care of when dealing with Christmas Shopping.

STEP 4: SET OUT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR SPENDING It is important that you set out from the beginning how much money you are willing to spend for the Christmas season. This will help you in the next step of preparing a budget.

Step 5: Make a budget This is important because if you make the mistake of failing to write a budget for Christmas, you cam easily spend a lot of money which will leave you broke in January. Prepare a simple budget that will guide you on spending.

STEP 6: CHECK THE ACTIVITIES After you have determined the amount of money that you are willing to spend on Christmas gifts, and other related activities, the next thing you ought to look at are the activities that you will be engaged in. The activities that members of a nuclear family will carry out when they meet together are definitely not the same as the that may be carried out by an extended family, which may have to go for a road trip to make sure that all the family members just meet at the grand parents’ place.

STEP 7: OPERATE WITHIN THE BUDGET Stick to the budget. One of the most difficult things that come with shopping for Christmas is sticking to the budget. The moment you have made up your mind to spend a certain amount of money, it is important that you muster all the discipline that is need to stick to your budget and do your job thoroughly.

STEP 8: REVIEW YOUR EVENTS This step comes after you have done the shopping. Reviewing your activities will help you see where you made mistakes and know how to correct them in future.


* Use discount coupons. During the Christmas season, there are any offers that exist that you ca make use of.

* Ensure that your budget has some money set aside for unforeseen circumstances. There may be accidents along the way and they may need you to pay some money for them.


* When making Christmas shopping, ensure that it is not all about gifts, No. It is more about he love that is shared during this season.


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