The Biggest Hoax of All Time (PT1)

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What makes human the upper statesmen of the animal kingdom is their ability to laugh among and at themselves. The elaborate thinking of man is the key in every joke there is. Though sometimes a “practical joke” isn’t too practical.

People still often dish out sensational breakthroughs that turn out to be a joke, a hoax. It may be intended to make people laugh more like an April Fools’ hoax or to defraud people more like the Ponzi scheme but the bottom line is — It fooled us.

Here listed below is a compilation of the biggest hoax of all time, enjoy.

Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect — what started out as a simple April Fools’ joke turn out to be a phenomenal occurrence.

English astronomer Patrick Moore invented the hoax for the 1976 April Fools’ day. Moore announced on BBC radio that around 9:47 am that day, an astronomical phenomenon would occur.

A conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Pluto would result in a reduction of gravity here on Earth. He also broadcast that once listeners jump into that exact moment, they will feel a floating sensation.

Soon after, BBC received hundreds of phone calls from people who felt a “floating sensation.”

One woman even stated that she and a couple of her friends were sited on the sofa when they suddenly float and gently orbited around their room.

Shortly, Moore announced that the story of the Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect is nothing but a hoax aimed to supply a good laugh in an April Fools’ day.

The Great Moon Hoax — in August of 1835 reports of a supposed discovery of life and even civilization on the Moon was published in the New York Sun.

Sir John Herschel, the most notable astronomer during that time falsely fabricated such stories. He described the moon dwellers as bat-like winged humanoids. He also noted that with the use of his immense telescope he saw fantastic animals on the moon such as bisons, goats, unicorns and beavers.

The hoax is said to be intended to increase the sales of the newspaper. According to accounts, the New York Suns sales increased drastically because of the hoax.

The Balloon Boy Hoax — the most recent hoax in our list is the Balloon Boy Hoax which literally shook the world.

Just last October, it was reported that Falcon Heene a six-year-old boy was traveling at an altitude of 7,000 feet in a homemade helium balloon. After a long 50-mile flight that covered 3 countries, the balloon landed without the boy some 12 miles of Denver International airport.

Authorities were then alarmed and national guard helicopters even helped in searching for the boy.  The saga was reported by news organization around the world.

Later that afternoon the boy was found hiding at his house the entire time.

Suspicions arouse regarding the hoax status of the incident. On November, the parents of the boy pleaded guilty on felony charges. They admitted that the whole incident was a hoax and just a publicity stunt.


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